Dr. Walls & Friends

Dr. Kathleen E. Walls is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Transformation Expert."
 Dr. Walls & Friends TV Show Tapings at the Houston Caribbean Film Festival



Dr. Walls will conduct three interviews on Saturday June 10, 2017 from 4:00 – 6:00pm

  1. Dr. Walls and Jill Minard, of Yoga House Houston, will discuss Kemetic Yoga…it’s history, origins, and benefits.  We will also provide audience members with a demonstration, and information about Yoga House Houston.
  2. Dr. Walls, Tasha Poullard, and Dr. Dickson will discuss the film industry in Houston, Texas.
  3. Dr. Walls and Mimi Johnrose will discuss her book Caribbean Taboo, and the possibility of the book becoming a film.